Win a weekend to Rotterdam!

Join on Wednesday 5 September our digital scavenger hunt and find out what the Dutch companies have to offer at SMM 2018.

Download the app Scavify in your Appstore now and start the ‘Smart Holland Hunt’!

From 10.00 till 17.00 hours you will be able to join the hunt and find as many Dutch companies as you can. The winners one to three will be invited to join the exclusive Holland Networking Reception on board of the Dutch frigate HNLMS van Amstel in the evening, starting at 18.30 hours. The Dutch Ambassador Wepke Kingma will hand over the prices.

On Wednesday 5 September 2018, the Netherlands will be concentrating all her maritime forces at SMM in Hamburg. There will be various activities happening as part of the Smart Holland Day. The Smart Holland Hunt is part of the Smart Holland Day.