The following activities will take place during the Smart Holland day:


At 09:00 the Smart Holland Day kick-off will take place at the Holland Pavilion. All the Dutch companies with stands at SMM are invited to be present at the kick-off. There will also be a group photo taken at this time.

Smart Holland Hunt

After the kick-off the attendees of SMM can take part in a digital scavenger hunt. On a specially designed app, the attendees will receive instructions to take pictures of stands or answer questions about products. Involving yourself and your stand in the Smart Holland Hunt will allow you to receive more attention and awareness. Participation is free.

Smart Maintenance Business Lunch

From 11:30 the doors for the Smart Maintenance Business Lunch will have opened, and will take place only walking distance from the Radisson Blue Hotel. It will constitute a fancy lunch where we will look at the practical application of ‘Smart Maintenance’. How do you earn money with data, what is the business case? How do you introduce the available technology in a business-orientated way?

Smart Holland VIP-tour

Immediately after lunch, the Smart Holland VIP tour will take place, with the Dutch Ambassador to Berlin, and high representation from Rotterdam and the Drecht cities. The focus here is on Dutch companies that offer smart, innovative solutions to societal challenges such as sustainability, safety and the circular economy.

Smart Holland Networking Reception

The Smart Holland Networking Reception will take place from 18:30 on board the HNMS Van Amstel. During the reception, the winner of the Smart Holland Hunt will be announced and the Smart Holland day will come to an end. Due to the ship’s limited capacity, the reception is exclusively for people who have received invitations.